Comfort and safety


Adapted to contemporary architecture needs.


Insulating efficiency (heat, cold, noise, water and wind), creating a comfort feeling in the space.


Discrete and modern designs which coexist harmoniously both in modern and classic buildings.

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Technal, the market leader and the most recommended of the market.

The different Technal sliding windows systems allow, through unique fittings, the displacement of big glazed surfaces with minimum effort. A clear example is the sliding door GALENE, which thanks to its liftable ironwork, it allows optimum and easy handling openings.

If you are looking for the best services together with a minimalist aesthetic with reduced visible profiles, the ideal Technal product is the LUMEAL series, an exclusive sliding door with a LUMEAL XXL version for big dimensions.

Technal products offer solutions for all spaces, combining fixed leaves and mobile leaves, creating the necessary rails and hiding the leaves in the wall. Also available for Technal carpentry products, such as SOLEALGY.

The excellent thermal services of the Technal windows together with the latest technology ensure a great value in terms of energy efficiency.


Lift and Slide Doors


Big dimensions, smooth and comfortable use.

The Technal lift and slide doors allow big dimensions, which thanks to its lifting fittings, offer an easy handling and an optimum sliding of the blade. Perfect for big openings with safety glazing.

Sliding hidden window leaves


hidden leaf with minimalist aesthetics.

The Lumeal Technal sliding windows series stands out for its hidden leaf with a slender, minimalist and fine aesthetic. Its system maintains very high acoustic and thermal performance. its minimum Presence with its maximum thermal capacity, make Lumeal a unique sliding window.

Standard sliding door


safety, comfort and aesthetics.

The Technal standard sliding doors systems feature some amazing insulating features (thermal, acoustic, …). Its versatility and variety of arrangements, together with Technal practical windows of the same series, offer the optimum solutions for a single family home and residential homes.

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The best features for your practicable windows

With the Technal carpentry, obtain excellent features in practicable windows, in addition to an advanced functionality, a great comfort and aesthetics. Get aluminum windows that guarantee a long lifespan, thanks to an efficient sealing and a great thermal acoustic insulation. The Technal practicable windows ensure a great energy efficiency, even reaching the values of passive house.

Discover the wide range in Technal carpentry accessories, such as: fittings, handles, multipoint locks … Their finishes offer character with options in brightness, anodized or matte and RAL colors.


Standard practicable windows


elegance, sturdiness and comfort.

The Technal standard practicable are windows with an impeccable aesthetic, prove of it being its hidden fittings or lacquered ones with the same color as the frames. Moreover, their high insulating features provide a great comfort no matter how demanding the climatology of the place where they are installed is.

Practicable windows, minimal leaf


the universal window.

It stands out for its sight, 52mm in perimeter and 66mm in central section. Its clip-on glazing bar allows a discrete leaf, with an elegant design that adapts to any type of construction. Glazings from 24 to 32mm in leaf and 6 to 42mm fixed.

Practicable windows occult leaf


The most discrete window.

With a frame of 55mm it allows a bigger glazed surface to allow more natural light and achieve a more minimalist aesthetic.

Get the security you are looking for your home.

Open the house with the main door from Technal design. We offer a wide range of doors to access residential buildings, shopping centers, shops, offices …

Safety and comfort thanks to the multipoint fittings and anti-theft locks. We can advise you in the selection of the best safety pack.

With Technal you will be able to combine, shape, colour and fittings to design the entrance door according to your personal preferences.


Security access doors


Doors for busy areas that allow compositions of big dimensions. It is a very safe door since it uses a system of occult pivots that can do without hinges and guarantees the safety of the glazing.

Access doors


The PB door is a door designed to withstand standard weights and dimensions. This door is specially suitable for applications in areas which have a considerable influx: shops, banks, residential buildings and commercial establishments.

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